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Old 07-21-2010, 08:07:40 PM
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New Spore RPG Coming

From GameWinners:

Follow-up on the new Spore RPG:

Originally Posted by GameWinners.com News
As we previously reported, EA has announced that they are indeed working on a new spin-off RPG sequel to the game Spore, called DarkSpore.

As the name implies, Electronic Arts intends for the game to be a darker-themed twist on the original game. According to Electronic Arts, players will take on the role of a genetically mutated creature, which can be upgraded by collecting body parts, of which EA claims there will be "tens of thousands" to collect. When announcing the game, the company states that DarkSpore will feature "three unique classes of five different genetic hero types." Each character will have a limitless number of upgrades and customizations based on the parts collected within the game.

DarkSpore is set to hit shelves in early 2011.

Source: Ars Technica
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